Saturday, 11 April 2009

Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog. . . . .

Yup you guessed it, judging by the title this is gunna be a biggish kinda blog :)
So I'm sat at the comp drinking tea whilst on msn and just generally chilling. And btw yes it is a saturday and yes I am suppose to be at work, but I'm feeling a bit run down today so thought "I know I deserve a rest :D" so I did just that. Stayed at home :) Got back ache tho :( bad times :(
BUT this isnt a moan!!! I'm a happy bunny I guess, just got a lot on my plate...
eg. Homework-enough to sink a ship :) fun..:D ahem ... ;)
eg.Exams are coming up soon and I'm no where near prepared....:(
eg.Stepdad and mum arent very well :( My mum bless her shes such a legend!
...basically I'd need a pack of paper and 3 ballpoint pens to write down everything thats going on right now!!
However my fellow bloggers :p (lol what the fudge "fellow bloggers" dunno where that came from :D ) so yeah, HOWEVER there is one perfect thing in my life right now :) and its not chocolate even though that is preeety perfect ;) Its Ben :) Absoulte star to me he really is, hes always there for me and makes me feel like a total princess-Thanks ben :) We stuffed our faces yesterday with chocolate and bought sum pringles-hehe gd times :)
Spent the whole day with him actually, I went round his at about 10am and didnt come home till 10.30pm :) It was a proper chilled day, just lounged around watching films and had big cuddles :D
All my teas nearly gone :( meh :p
Hmmmmmmmmmm mmmm mmmm hehe I wanted to go work today, cos I need the money, I'm saving for driving lessons, but I couldnt bring myself to going in :( Ouchy back still hurts :(
I hate being down!!
Hehe just read Jordy's Blog LOL bless him he does make me larf :D My friends always manage to cheer me up :)
My feet are warm, all snug in my slipper boots :)
Okay this is turning random :p Actually let me re-phrase entire life is random. Okay thats better :) So yehh gosh the weather is actually depressing its like hello doesnt the sun exsist anymore...clearly not by the looks of it..:p
Easter sunday tomorrow :) gd times :)
Oooooo my fone just buzzed...NOT! I wish grr I'm waiting for a txt, but so far no show :p
Yehh I'm weird I know hehe but hey its me :)
Think I might do some English homework :) yay...ahem.....:( ah well its gotta be done sometime :)
Rant over ...;)
Catch ya later bloggsters :) x-x-x


  1. Lovely random ramblingness xD

  2. Hello Bloggie McBlogster!

    I feel loved being named in your blog, thank you!!

  3. I am now off tyo read Jordan's blog, to see what's so funny!!!