Thursday, 9 April 2009

Heloo :)

Wow havent been on mi blog since like forever! haha
Have'nt been able to cos havent has a computer but we have now so its all wkd :)
yay msn :D havent been on that since november! lol dunno how I coped :p
sooo I'm sat ere blogging and my mums making me lunch bless her :D
I've had a preeety fit holiday so far actually :)
Monday-went stanwick lakes with Ben and then went to his :)
Tuesday-Sleepover at lana's :) stayed up till 4 in the morning with her and Iysha eating ice cream and chocolate cake :p
Wednesday-recoverd from having no sleep and just chilled all day really :)
Thursday.....not much to report yet :p hehe
and and and YAY tomorrow I get to see Ben sooo its all good :D
Hope all my mates are having a gd holiday :)
Mwah xxx

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