Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Cheese :)

Btw the title has absolutly nothing to do with what I'm about to write :D
Sat in my room blogging away and at the same time waiting for Ben to reply to my email :p hehe
Oooo just got a text saying he's sat in tesco car park....thats why he aint replied...:p hehe
Gotta finish my media briefs and evaluations...fun...:\
Ooooooooo galaxy bar hehe solves all my problems, good old chocolate :p so yeah this is a bit of a random blog but hey I like being random hehe
Saw Ben today a couple of times :) Cept he was bit tired and down so hope he is okay now :) Love you ;)
Yano the little gummy bears in haribo? He's bort me a load of them cos there my fave hehe :) bless him :p
Today was funny this morning in form, me and Iysha (total leg end btw :D ) were messing bwt with the music stuff hehe while she was hitting a couple of bongo drums with these sticks i was playing the piano :p We were lyk omg we shud soooo make a band LOL :p
I wanna learn piano actually I can play a bit :)
Tom can play (mate at work) I was like teach me!!! lol
I had pasta for dinner...I was lyk mummmmmyyyy pwease can I have pasta cos its my fave hehe :p
Ahhh itchy foot :p
Errmmm duno what else to ramble on about atm hehe so latersss :)


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