Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The 13 year old father :o shock horror :o

I've just been doing a bit of research and have discoved that there are apparantly 6 other possible fathers for the baby, whos Dad may be the 13 year old kid!

I think that all these other peeps have come foward just in the hope that they get some publicity, and lots of dosh from newspapers, when really none of them are the fathers! Then again I really don't believe that the 13 year old kid is the father either, I mean his voice hasn't even broken and he doesnt know what financial means..ahem...:p

He gets like £2.50 pocket money a week and hes got a baby...what is this society coming to!?

Anyone else like to voice their opinions? :p



  1. Ino its bloody terrible, it really is bad. He hasnt even... grown yet, he had sex at 12? I recon that girl pulled him into it.

    The Sun asked him and her about these other possible fathers and the 15 y.o mum said "I havent slept with anybody else" and the dad 13 y.o said "those other boys are stupid"

    grrr tbh i wish miss hadnt got me involved in this coz its absolute stupidness, asif u do that with a 12 year old that looks about 8, its sick, the baby should be given to proper parents that are totally in love but cant have babies.

  2. omg, i just realised, "I recon that girl pulled him into it"


    I meant "I recon that girl made him do it"