Sunday, 15 March 2009

I'm Chatting Bear Waffle! ;p

I'm tired, stressed out and eating chocolate fingers :P
The awesome 4some had the ultimate parttyyyy last nyt lmao :p
Me, lana and Iyshaa all went round deaniess for a sleeepova and it was funny as :p
We stayed up till 3 talking bwt random shizzle and playing truth or dare :P
LMAO lana text jonny saying "get ur kit off, i'll be ther in ten ;p" LOL! hehe bless er :p
I think i ate toooo much nd all had this pasta thing on top of mars bars and pringles and squirty cream XD sounds wrong I know buh it was funny squirtin it all over the place haha
Ah can't forget cheese balls haha ther crisps btw lmao and the popcorn! good old toffee popcorrrnn :p
so basicallllyyy it was us lot eating loadsa junk shizzlleee all nyt and dancing :D
and ah! lana took video of me nd iysha dancing think shes guna put it on bebo :o ahh mite as well die of shame now hehe :P
Yeah was a gooood nyt :)
Thanksss deanie for putting up with me :p haha
luv youuu all girlies :D

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