Thursday, 19 March 2009

My Head Hurts :(

Been a long day :(
Havent been in the best of moods and thas not like me! :(
I think its just like school work getting on top of me and stuff! Theres just toooo much!!!
I havent been myself really, today it finally hit me that me and luke maybe drifting apart and I dont like it :( Just want it to be how it used to be, hopefully we can get back to normal, think its school and work thats stopping us hanging out and being as close :(
But I'm determined to change that! I wanna make time for us again!
Hope you read this luke :p
Plus it didnt help either, this morning, we were all told we did crap in our exams and we need to pull our acts together...wat!? hang on maybe some of us would have done well if there wasnt a slight hicup with the media etc we need anymore pressure!
Its like I work so hard yet I feel I'm not getting anywhere! Grr :(
Okay rant over! :)
Yay I have a cuppa tea now, I feel tons better :p
Oh wait gotta do that english essay... gr.



  1. YOU didn't do crap, you got your cheeky D, but trying to teach a bunch of students who won't shut up when they've got U's brings out the unreasonable bitch in all of us!

    Apologies if it felt like I was slating your hard work, I wasn't.

  2. Sorry Mrs C didnt wanna sound like i was slating your teaching about the hiccup with media cos it wernt ur fault!!! :) ur an ace teacher u make us tea in class!!