Monday, 9 March 2009

Ben's House party...:p

Well where do I start :p What a night lmao was actually immense :p Ben had a house party and invited all his mates who lets just say got totally mashed haha :p
Bless em, none of them can quite look me in the eye now that i've seen them all wrecked haha they must be embarassed :p
Basic overview of the evening....
...Made me laugh when me and Josh bum shuffled down the stairs haha btw hes my long lost brother :p
...Someone got trapped in Ben's toilet lmao cos the lock fell off xD
...All the lads walked (or shud i say stumbled) to the BP garage to buy cream eggs :p haha
...The house actually stank like chips and booze and there was cheese smeared all over Ben's bed xD lmao!

Now thats what I call a proper house party :p

Laters x-x-x

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  1. Bens freshly homemade cheese