Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Happy Happy :D

Hey all :P
Had a way good weekend actually :)
Friday night went to watch Ben play footy and he's goooood hehe :p
Me and Iysha got cold tho so we started racing eachother up and down the path lmao :p
Then at work on saturday we had like no customers haha so me nd tom just messed about and fired rubber bands at the signs hanging :\ lol even the deputy manager was doing it we were that bored lmao :P
Then on saturday night me and Ben went on our first date :) hehe and yesterday we'd been going out for 2 months :D its all goood :D He payed and evrything bless him thanks Ben :D
We watched slumdog millionaire and it was brill gotta admit :D so was the popcorn hehe
Then today, just sat doing homework and cos its mothers day got me mum big bunch of flowers hehe and its slophie's B'day :D so happy bday hun :D
Heard about Jade Goody aswell, even though shes been given a lot of bad press, she didnt deserve it :(
Laters :)


  1. Sounds like you had a damn good weekend, was gonna pop in and see ya on saturday aswell!
    Didn't have time though unfortunately =(

    Ooo, ta for the lil bit of focus in your blog ;)

  2. Aw dam u cudda seen me in my dooody uniform...not lol I look like a total geek :p ah well :P

    And tis alryyyt hun :)